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What's New?

What's new V0.73
Unfortunatly during a house move I've lost my list of alterations/upgraded but there's a LOT :-)

What's new V0.71
Plus many other small alterations.

What's new V0.70
V0.66 > V0.66 - February 2005

Again, loads of mods. I can't list them all as I lost my logs during a hard drive crash
Instalation is now MUCH simpler and there have been some major security issues dealt with in the admin section

V0.64 > V0.65 - November 2004

There's been over 60 major/minor updates in this release. Only a few are listed.

Message Board Updates:-
Admin Updates:- V0.63 > V0.64 - September 2003

Message Board updates:-
Admin Updates:-

V0.52 > V0.63 - May 2003

Message Board updates:-

Admin Updates:-

V0.51 (by Paul Murphy) to VCF0.52 (by Colin Birch) - Feb 2003

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